Two Moons FAQ

Two Moons Private Tours

Here at Two Moons Private Tours we operate in both the North and South Islands. Our Tours can be made up of North Island or South Island only or a combination Tour of both North and South Islands. We can accommodate tours to and around Stewart Island, as well as make arrangements for the Chatham Island experience. With each and every tour, you are in safe hands with one of our professional guides/drivers.

Two Moons Transportation

We use rental transport that is best suited for you our clients’ needs saving both ourselves and our valued customers time and money. Discounts that we get on transportation are passed directly onto our client’s, unlike other operators. Here at Two Moons Private Tours we only use late models as well as providing a service of Luxury transportation, from the Porsche 911s to Audi, Mercedes Benz, and BMW. We also have our own secure trailers for our larger groups

Two Moons Accommodation Selection

Many tour operators have levels of accommodation with a different price structure for each level. However, here at Two Moons tours, we look at the destinations you wish to visit whilst in NZ along with your budget then find the best possible deal for all of our clients. This may mean that you stay in 4 or 5-star accommodations in comparison to staying in a lower quality of accommodation. All discounts that we manage to arrange on hotel deals are then passed on to our clients giving them more money for other activities.

Two Moons Tours Seasons

Here at Two Moons tours, we operate all year round providing great service to all of our clients. Peak summer months are 1st November to the 1st of May. We also offer winter tours for our skiers and winter adventurers. Southern New Zealand is particularly beautiful in the winter months but delays can occur due to heavy snowfall and road closures.

Two Moons Tours Options

Although our tours are private we do arrange Self Drive Tour options, whereby after discussion with our clients of their needs and accommodation requirements we tailor a trip plan. With all self-drive tours, discounts that we obtain from both transportation and accommodation are passed back to you. Two Moons Tours sets a price based on the length of your stay for Itinerary planning and bookings combined saving you a great deal of money.

Two Moons Multi-Person Discounts

You may have found that many companies charge a price being the same for each person on a Private Tour but we pride ourselves on providing a cost-effective scale. We look at our clients’ needs and in the case of them sharing a room, for example, we pass this discount on from the second person. This concept applies in other areas of your Private Guided Tour as we may obtain group discounts for other activities. We do however charge a standard day rate for each extra person that is minimal in comparison.

Two Moons Tours Adventures

Once you fill out our Travel Planner Guide we will take note of all the activities and adventures you wish to achieve, which we like to book in advance upon your acceptance. This relieves all the stress of not being able to go on a certain adventure due to booking numbers. Your guide or our office can book alternatives whilst you are traveling our beautiful country.

Two Moons Tours Bookings

As we are a small company focused on providing an unbeatable service to all our clients, we strongly advise to book well in advance. We are currently taking bookings for 2019. During our peak months, it is advisable to book and pay in full 30 days prior to tour start date so we can secure all accommodations and activities. Our peak months are from November through to April. Off-peak months we require full payment of accommodation and activities no later than 14 days before your tour. The earlier we have your full payment we can secure bookings to avoid having to seek alternatives.

Two Moons Business Corporate

Currently, we are not taking bookings for groups larger than 6 or corporate interests but please send us a detailed E-mail so we can look things over and or pass you onto a tour company that will be best suited and experienced to cater for your needs