Private Guided Tours

We proudly run multi-day tours in both North and South Islands. Whether you want to take a trip for three days or a month our professional guide will escort you to each destination. When you come on a Two Moons Private Tour, your guide will take photos and video of yourself or your group that we will compile with your own into a complimentary photo book and DVD of your adventure.

If you have special requirements that need to be attended to, see our Companion Options. If you have a disability or medical condition whereby you require help with matters, your Two Moons private guide will be close by to assist. Please ensure to fill out this section in our online booking/enquiry form.

Here at Two Moons Private Tours, we encourage you to explore the options below for private guided tours around New Zealand, Aotearoa (meaning: The Island of the Long White Cloud).

Combination Tours

Combination tours are made with our clients and can include camping, glamping and or hotel and motel combinations. Click the link above for more information of what is included in our Combination Tours

Camping Tours

Our experienced outdoor adventure guide will take you on multiple day tours in both the North and South Islands. We have four tent options for exploring the great outdoors that New Zealand is famous for.

Glamping Tours

Glamping is the new craze here in New Zealand. It is a cross between camping and a hotel-like experience. Come and see our Glamping locations throughout the country and start planning your next adventure.

Three & Four Star Tours

Are you planning on visiting New Zealand staying at three and four star accommodations? Click the link here to find out more information about what we have to offer and get your adventure underway.

Four & Five Star Tours

New Zealand has a vast amount of high quality four and five star accommodations around both North and South Islands where you can live it up. Your private guide will escort you to each destination.