Companion Options

Here at Two Moons Private Guided Tours we specialize in small groups from 1 to 6 people so you can all sit back take in the scenery as we travel from one location to the next where you will participate in new adventures.

Two Moons Tours Companion Options

Do you have a disability or medical condition that makes it hard for you to travel but you really want to have fun and adventure just like anyone else? You may need assistance with wheelchairs, getting in or out of the shower, or simply be reminded about those important things in life like times to take medication. We have had enquires from people that just want to make sure their Private Guide is close by in case of an emergency. All of these and other issues can be taken care of giving you and your family peace of mind knowing you are well cared for.

When you fill out our Trip Planner Guide please fill in the Medical / Disability section with as much information as possible so we can give you the best care and attention, allowing you to have that dream vacation.

Normally your Private Guide does not stay close at hand collecting yourself or group each morning at a designated time as we tend to stay in cheaper accommodations passing this onto our guests. In the case of you requiring assistance close at hand or in the middle of the night for those odd occurring emergencies we can ensure your Private Guide is staying within the complex you are for a nominal extra cost.

Simply fill out the Trip Planner Guide with an emphasis on the Medical Disability section so we can start working together to overcome these hurdles.